Our Services

Design and implementation of interior and exterior decorations.


Exterior and interior designing. Manufacturing all kinds of promotional stands made out of ( wood – cast acrylic – metal – Alucobond )


Cladding services for the frontages of markets, companies, and banks.


We are the only ones to print all kinds of flats in huge sizes 130 * 250 on ( wood, metal, ceramic, glass, cast acrylic …).


Installation of and kind of electronic and non_electronic billboards using alucobond and other materials.

Our specialty

SAS is considered one of the leading firms in the field of advertisement, and that is proven by the pristine projects we have achieved since SAS was established.

Printing Section :

This section specializes in printing high quality designs on different sizes of planes (up to 4 cm.) and kinds (wood, alcopond, glass, ceramic, plexi glass ) Using the most advanced Japanese machines (MIMAKI) .

Maintenance and installation section :

The section that is concerned by the installation and maintenance of all kinds of billboards. The section also particularizes in manufacturing and setting up all kinds of decor designs related to exhibition wings and installing vinyl on all transportation services.

Metal and other materials formation section :

This part works on manufacturing stands and figures and metal office furniture ( cabinets, desks). It also works on producing the metal frames of billboards and all kinds of tools made out of alcopond. Wood, plexi glass using the latest electronic machines, laser machines and router machines (CNC).

Engraving and cutting section :

This department specializes in cutting materials such as acrylic, wood, plastic and alcopond by the newest electronic machines

We provide the best advertising service